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Cartridge Services has a comitment to the preservation of our environment. The following are a selection of links that reflect our passion and comitment to the planet. E-mail us your links and we will add them to our page.


Soon Lexmark SA will be handing over another chunky cheque of Baby Days to Cotlands, a sanctuary that cares for abandoned, abused and HIV/AIDs babies and toddlers. They also have extensive community outreach programmes all over South Africa that focusses mainly on teaching communities how to live with HIV/AIDs. Thank you to the wonderful South African community for contributing to Lexmark's CRIB project.

We also welcome our "Customers for Life" members to the world of caring. For more information on the "Customers for Life" project, check out your next new inkjet cartridge you buy!

Understanding One Theory of 'Free Energy' When singing in the shower, you will notice that one note returns to your ears much louder than the rest - if you sing the 'right' note - the frequency which matches the resonant cavity of the cubicle your sound generation system (voice) is enclosed within.Resonance returns the note at a higher volume despite being sung at the same level. The same can be made to occur using electromagnetic systems, returning more power to the system than is used to generate the resonance. It's simply a matter of finding or creating a resonant cavity or system and tuning it correctly...

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